Yellow Jackets Ready To Rumble in the Rubble


By Carl Holcomb
Moorefield Examiner –

Moorefield Football is girding to rise above the rubble and turn opponents into scattered debris en route to the playoffs.

The remnants of the school building makes the surroundings of the football field appear like a city of destruction, but this pile of debis signifies the adversity and perseverance the Yellow Jackets have to face and conquer to fly above the rest to victory.

The Yellow Jackets will rise to new heights with a faster regime as the Wing-T offense will be hard to contain with a piercing attack.

“I want to establish the run. If you dominate the line of scrimmage, you can do anything you want to do during the game,” Moorefield Football Coach Josh See commented.

“The ultimate goal is to win, that is what I’m judged on. There is a high expectation for Moorefield to win every year. A high expectation is a pressure, but you just take it in stride. I have high expectations. I think we’re an extremely good football team. We’re not yet, but we’re getting there. We have to continuously get better every week. We can’t slide in there on the plateau and be satisfied. Our schedule forces us to get better every single week.”

Coach See is in his sixth season as the Yellow Jackets’ head coach.

Moorefield has a total of 47 players this season with seven returning starters on defense and six on offense.

Coach See is also the offensive coordinator and the numbers from last year have proven successful as the ground game produced 2,729 yards on 413 carries.

Moorefield alum DaShawn Brown led the way with 736 yards on 76 carries.

Fellow graduates Mike Pultz and Adam Snyder contributed 571 and 477 yards, respectively.

Moorefield expects junior Tyhiem Franklin to utilize his quickness to evade defenses while rushing the ball.

Franklin is the fastest player on the team and will look to improve on last season’s total of 47 yards.

The Yellow Jackets have bruisers too who can knock the opponents to the ground.

Moorefield senior Colton Bramsen crushed defenses for 628 yards last season with six touchdowns and is prepared to wreak havoc again.

Sophomore Wil Schoonover, who placed fourth at the state wrestling tournament last season, will be a punishing force rushing the ball and taking down opponents as a linebacker.

Moorefield can add elusive sophomore Shane Myers to the mix as well.

Freshmen running backs Trey Harvey, Nathan Jenkins, Jacob Stickley, Rion Landes, William Reynolds, and Jacob Sulser will all make an impact in the junior varsity level and could get a call up.

Moorefield has chosen Dakota Vetter to lead the team as the quarterback and defenses will be on their heels because he can run too.

Matt Dolan and Shane Myers will be the backup quarterbacks and have good running instincts.

Moorefield is all about running the ball down opponents’ throats and the noise level will only get louder.

“A running back is just as important as the lineman in the Wing-T. All 11 guys have to be doing the right thing in order for it to be successful. If you get the ground game going, you can wear down anybody and as long as the ball stays in bounds, the clock keeps running,”Coach See remarked.

“On top of the four quarters, we like to go no-huddle, fast break football at its finest.”

Moorefield rallied against tough opponents Mt. Hope and Bishop Walsh with its no-huddle offense, the conditioning drills truly paid off.

“Football games are won in the off-season, just as much as they are won on Friday nights. The weight room is extremely important: get in here, bust your tail, break a sweat and get stronger every day,”Coach See exclaimed.

Moorefield’s offense may be similar to its scrimmages which featured junior Dakota Vetter at quarterback, Franklin at tailback, Bramsen at fullback, and Schoonover as a wingback.

Moorefield senior Brandon Riggleman will be the weak guard along with fellow senior Jean-Carlos Masso at the weak tackle.

The weak end will be senior Matt Dolan and the strong end will be Byron Dolly.

Dolan caught eight passes for 216 yards last year, so the option for a pass is there.

Moorefield senior Avery Liller will be the center, while sophomore brother Zack will be the strong tackle.

Moorefield senior Seth Stickley will play strong guard.

The Yellow Jackets envision a breath of fresh air with a new defensive playing scheme and coaching staff as former defensive coordinator Wade Armentrout opted to coach golf this year…

Yellow Jackets Ready To Rumble in the Rubble
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