Will You Vote This Year?

In just less than three weeks West Virginians will go to the polls and cast ballots in the Primary Election.

We’re really tired of hearing citizens complain about elected officials who, when asked, say they didn’t vote in the last election. We’ve said it before and we will reiterate that anyone who votes may complain as far as we’re concerned. But those who don’t take the time to go to the polls have no leg to stand on when it comes to complaining about the government. With less than fifty percent of the voting age public actually voting, there are a lot of you out there who apparently don’t care enough to do anything but voice complaints.

We look at the nations around the world which are just beginning to be able to vote for their leaders and are amazed at the numbers who flock to the polls to cast a ballot. And when we say flock we also mean those who brave armed soldiers, barricades and fixed elections. To them, voting is truly a privilege, even worth facing the possibility of death.

How many Americans care enough to do that? In our land of the free apparently not many.

Would you believe that in 2012, which was a presidential year election, West Virginia was next to last in the percentage of voter turnout with only 46.8 percent voting? According to the Washington Post, it was one of only three states where less than half of the eligible voters voted.

The state may be losing population, but West Virginia is gaining in registered voters. As of last month there were 8,770 registered voters in Hardy County and 1,223,015 in the state. In 1994, 20 years ago and another off-year election, we had 6,123 registered voters.

It would be nice if more of those eligible voters would actually take time to vote.

Will You Vote This Year?
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