Welcome Poultry People

It’s Poultry Week so again we remind you that poultry is big business, not just for Hardy County, but for the state.

Last year the total value of the poultry industry in West Virginia was $299,210,000. Going beyond the state, the national value of poultry sold is $38 billion. That puts West Virginia at about one percent of the nation’s poultry industry.

West Virginians raise 94 million broilers, 3.3 million turkeys, 1.373 chickens (not broilers) and 223 million eggs. That may not put the state close to the production of Georgia and Arkansas and California, but it’s significant to the Mountain State.

Beyond the sale of birds and eggs, there’s also an economic impact. According to Poultry Feeds America, the ripple effect of the West Virginia poultry industry creates 1,651 jobs in the Second District, brings in wages approaching $63 million, and has an impact on this District to the tune of $221,684,400. That leaves two more districts, which we aren’t including.

One final consideration . . . the poultry & egg industry generates sizable tax revenues. The industry and its employees pay about $3.79 million in federal taxes and $2.41 million in state and local taxes.

No matter how you slice, dice or cut your poultry, its production and sale is important to you, your community and your state. So this week when we celebrate the almighty feathered birds, we hope you will join the festivities and if you have the opportunity, say thanks to a poultry farmer or an employee who works in the Pilgrim’s complex.

Total Economic Impact to WV (Poultry Feeds America)…

Welcome Poultry People
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