Weather Programs

With all the crazy weather this year when folks get together the conversation seems to veer towards television coverage of weather.

We’re dating ourselves with this, but we remember when the weather channel just gave the weather and not all sorts of feature or “reality” stories. (Real weather is enough reality for us.) Early on, local news channels always gave weather pronouncements, usually in 60 to 90 seconds and many still do. Then came Public TV in Maryland which offered a 15 minute weather program. We were hooked, particularly because there weren’t any commercials and we got straight up weather.

That eventually expanded into the weather channel which did a lot of repetition, but you could count on seeing the 5 or 7 day forecast at twenty minutes past the hour and weather on the eights which gave a quick overview of regional weather throughout the hour. About that time advertising was added.

Then TWC went big time and begin featuring special programs about weather related jobs, movies, or events or whatever. You had to wait for the actual forecasts unless there was a major storm. Still when the forecasts were given they were pretty simple.

That didn’t last too long, particularly when TWC was bought by NBC. All sorts of digital presentations and visual confusion took over the screen.

Weather Programs
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