Water, Farmers, Food and the Rest of Us

Two years ago we made some notes about Ohio officials wanting farmers to reduce algae in Lake Erie. Ohio put out recommendations aimed at cutting pollutants that feed algae and hoped the farmers would make adjustments on their own. Apparently that didn’t happen. Lawmakers are considering a new rule which would require large farm operations to apply synthetic or chemical fertilizers to their land if it is done by someone certified by the state or working with someone who is certified.

But apparently all that wasn’t good enough for the EPA. So, the federal government is offering Ohio farmers $2 million to prevent farm runoff that contributes to potentially harmful algae blooms. The money, according to the NRCS, is aimed at reducing future algae blooms.

Let’s see, the Chesapeake Bay Watershed is going to be cleaner supposedly due to buffer zones, composting, litter sheds and Moorefield’s newest sewer plant which all help remove nutrients. So now the government is moving on to tackling Lake Erie’s algae.

There are rumblings in Iowa about protecting the waterways. Of course it’s the farm communities being “asked” to do the job. One comment by a proponent of the agricultural community shouldering the effort was enlightening.

Water, Farmers, Food and the Rest of Us
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