Vehicles Speeding and Parking Top Agenda At Moorefield Council

Vehicles speeding on Water Plant Drive and Cedar Street are causing parents to fear for the lives of their children.

“They just fly in and out of Water Plant Drive,” Tracey Richmond told the Moorefield Council. “There’s no speed limit or ‘Caution Children Playing’ signs. I’ve talked to the water plant people and have called the town office, but it hasn’t done any good. The police come down, but it hasn’t changed. Someone is going to get badly hurt or killed.”

The Moorefield Council met on Tuesday, Aug. 6.

Moorefield Police Chief Steve Reckart said if a street is not marked with a speed limit sign, the speed limit is 25 miles per hour. “The town could reduce the speed limit on those streets,” he said.

“Cedar Street and part of Water Plant Drive is owned by the state,” Councilman Chip Combs said. 

Richmond said a 15-miles-per-hour sign is posted near the water plant, but in the area where children play and ride their bikes is not posted. “The kids like to ride the loop on their bikes, and the cars just come flying off South Fork down that hill,” she said.

“If we called the Department of Highways and asked permission, maybe we could put up speed limit signs,” suggested Mayor Gary Stalnaker.

“I think we could educate our employees at the water plant, too,” said Councilwoman Carol Zuber.

Reckart said he would increase patrols and check with DOH about posting signs. 

School Parking
With school scheduled to start on Thursday, Aug. 15, and the Moorefield High School student parking lot unavailable, Reckart said he is preparing for a lot of congestion on Main Street and a lot of difficulty over parking.

“I started meeting with (Superintendent) Barbara Whitecotton the last day of school,” Reckart said. “I made some recommendations and got no response. There are no arrangements for parking except for staff.”

“The park commission extended a hand, but we got no reply,” Zuber said. Zuber is the council’s representative on the Moorefield Park Commission.

“People are assuming they are going to park in the town park, but there are liability issues, snow removal issues,” she said. “We think that when kids go to the park to retrieve their vehicles there will be a lot of lingering in the park, which will create more issues.”

Chad’s Barber Shop at 116 Jackson Ave. has requested a change in zoning to accommodate a parking lot. Chad’s is currently zoned residential and has applied for commercial zoning. The hearing is set for Tuesday, Sept. 3 at 6:30 p.m.

“I think we will get a lot of complaints and will write a lot of citations,” Reckart said. “We will be there (at the school) the first week. There is no way all that congestion will be a good thing. At 3:30 it will be worse.”

Police Report
Reckart said the month of July was busy for the MPD. There were 204 traffic stops out of a total of 363 calls for service. 
“About one-third of those are coming from the 911 Center,” Reckart said. “People are coming into the office. During the day is a madhouse here.”

Reckart has said for months that when people start to have trust and confidence in their police department, they will come directly to them when there is an issue.

Complaints are way down, Reckart said, but arrests are up. 

Reckart introduced one of two new officers, Ethan Mongold, who recently completed training at the State Police Academy. “He was second in his class,” Reckart said.

Zuber asked if the police are enforcing the new cell phone law. The WV Legislature passed a law prohibiting use of hand-held devices while driving…

Vehicles Speeding and Parking Top Agenda At Moorefield Council
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