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Recent news events have many Americans looking to the Middle East with concern. The situation involves our long time friends in Israel and those who hate America, the Hamas, in Palestine. Of course there are other nations in that part of the world trying to blow themselves and their neighbors to kingdom come, but the main concern now involves the nations of Israel and Palestine.

Both nations are lobbing armaments at each other. Israel is pinpointing as much as possible where ammo is stored and Hamas is just shooting explosives wherever they land. The problem is that Hamas intentionally places civilians and children in the places where they keep these guns and armaments so that when Israel takes out the ammo dump the Hamas can point to the civilians who died. Rather than admit they are using children as a way to try to protect those targets, the Hamas twists the story for public relations purposes and blames the deaths on the Israelis. Perhaps that blame should be on Hamas.

It has been a puzzlement why the American press keeps giving Israel hell for killing these civilians when it is the Hamas that is putting them in harms way.

We also have to remember that it is the Muslim militants who have stated in no uncertain terms that they hate the United States and will do anything to take us down and they intend to obliterate Israel any way they can. That’s the bottom line.

The end of June there was an obituary in the New York Times for Theodore “Dutch” Van Kirk, 93, who died at his home in Georgia.

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