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Unbased Opinion – Feb. 13

the Hardy County Planning Commission, a member made a simple, yetprofound statement. We were in heated discussion preceding adoptionof a zoning ordinance. I carried that statement away with me when I leftplanning, but I’ve applied it to many situations since. […]

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Read a Book

In fact, why not read 150 of them? This year. Take the challenge the Hardy County Public Library and the WV Library Commission have issued to school children

Deaf and Blind School Should Stay in Romney

The State Board of Education has had a very full plate over the last couple of months. They fired the state superintendent of schools, hired a new one,

My Unbased Opinion – Feb. 6

Phoebe and I spent some time on the road Sunday morning. As often happens, discussions of the day’s news filled our time. We’d both seen the morning newspaper

Double Dipping? We Think So

For an off-year in politics, it sure has been exciting in our neck of the woods lately. Last week the newly elected Commissioner of Agriculture, Walt Helmick, announced he

My Unbased Opinion – Jan. 30

Back last summer, one day, a man asked me a simple question. Exact words escape me, but the gist was “Mr. Heishman, when did you first start working?”

Unbased Opinion – Jan. 23

Wind. Crows. I watched one take off into the wind and fly backwards a few minutes ago. They’ve been in front of Big House, but soon they’ll go

My Unbased Opinion – January 16

About 4:20 A.M., Wednesday, January 2, 2013 I topped the hill on US Route 220 just North of Old Fields. Reasonably bright eyed and bushy tailed, a medium

Cut time spent in DC?

We’re old enough to remember when West Virginia’s Legislature had a short and a long session. One year would be just for the budget and the next year

My Unbased Opinion for Jan 9

A big old bird feeder stood on a pole in a little side yard outside my Grandmother’s breakfast nook. It turned with the wind, protecting its contents and

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