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We suppose you’ve survived Black Friday (why was it named that?) and Small Business Saturday (which makes more sense) and we’re not sure what to call the opening of stores on Thanksgiving Day just to get more shoppers to spend money earlier. How about Purple Thursday?

About that last item . . . Thanksgiving should be about dinner with the family and friends. Even the hunters come in from the woods to enjoy dinner and conversation. It’s also about the Macy’s parade and football. That’s enough to put on any one day.

This year, the big box stores decided to stay open on Thanksgiving just to make a few more dollars. Sorry, we can’t support that effort. Store employees are losing a holiday with family. Many shopaholics just can’t resist the urge to stand in line, be frustrated by the crowds, angered by the lack of courtesy, and then have a total meltdown when the items searched for aren’t available. Plus they abandon their families on a day that should be just for families.

We do have a solution to all that stress. Shop at home. Support your local merchants. Maybe you can’t find the exact item wanted, but you can come close and if you ask in time, your local folks will try to order it for you. You definitely won’t have to drive very far and we can guarantee that there won’t be great masses of people.

Shop at Home
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