Shame on You County Commission

For more than a year, we have had news stories about the emergency medical services situation on the east side of Hardy County. Very few will argue it has gone from bad to worse.

First, there was the request, or some would say, the demand, to the Hardy County Commission for $300,000. The commission was told, if they didn’t give the money, the ambulance service in eastern Hardy County would cease. The commission, which by law is responsible for emergency services, obliged and handed over the money.

We’re not sure the “grant,” for lack of a better term, was legal. The request was not on the published agenda and there was no prior public notice that it would be discussed.

Commissioners did no research into why the funds were needed. Once given, they gave no oversight as to how the money was spent.

The only condition attached to the grant was that a financial statement be sent monthly to the commissioners. When those financial statements showed continued operating losses, the commissioners did nothing.

Shame on you, County Commission…

Shame on You County Commission
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