Officials Keep Doing Bad Stuff

More than a year ago we started listing public officials and law enforcement officers around the state who crossed the line with their actions and have been caught abusing their authority. If you’ve been keeping count, this is the fifth installment and we still find that individuals in positions of power sometimes just can’t handle that power without abusing it. Here’s the latest list.

The sheriff of Barbour County resigned and pleaded guilty to a charge that he staged an automobile accident to receive an insurance payment of nearly $8,300. He was charged with mail fraud.

The police chief in Cedar Grove is facing misdemeanor assault and brandishing charges in Fayette County.

The State Police Crimes Against Children Unit is investigating claims by the former wife of the Kanawha County prosecutor that he used excessive discipline on one of their children. In March he was ordered to undergo counseling before the domestic violence protective order is dismissed. He was first charged with violating a domestic violence protective order and then with domestic battery for striking his son 10 times with a leather belt.

An investigation is underway into how weapons in the evidence room of the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office ended up in a gun store. The missing firearms date to cases from 2010 or earlier.

Officials Keep Doing Bad Stuff
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