My Unbased Opinion – May 28

By David O. Heishman –

Why does the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) need .40 cal. S&W submachine guns with thirty round magazines? We’re not talking “bad” looking assault rifles with twenty round magazines in 5.56mm/.223 caliber here. We’re talking short barrels, folding stocks rails for mounting scopes and flashlights and big nasty hollow point bullets. We’re talking serious firepower. We’re not talking concealed carry defensive handguns for personal protection.

In Vietnam I carried a .45 cal. “Grease Gun” for a while. Bought it off an ambulance driver for $25.00 when he was leaving country. No idea where he’d gotten it because they weren’t regular issue to us rear echelon folks.

My time in country was split between an office in a reasonably secure compound and several maintenance battalion headquarters located out and about. Consequently I spent a fair amount of time on roads with a driver in an old International Scout. Weapon I was issued when I signed in at Qui Nhon was a 7.62 mm M14. A good solid accurate weapon, but cumbersome and unwieldy working in and out of enclosed vehicles. My Grease Gun was short, light, unsophisticated, with a twenty round magazine and a collapsible stock.

Fortunately I never had to fire it in defense or offense. Most workout I got with it was on a range the engineers had pushed out of a hill side. Most of my time on range was spent reloading the only two magazines I had. Lots of fun rolling rocks around with the buck and roar of those big .45s though. First round usually got the rock I was aiming at, but the next three or four didn’t come close.

My Unbased Opinion – May 28
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