My Unbased Opinion – May 22

By David O. Heishman –

Certainly firearms and ammunition manufacturers have trade associations, organizations whose members get together to trade ideas, pick up on latest business tweaks and trends in their industry. Such groups must have boards of directors and officers who plan and publicize annual conventions and who vote on special recognition awards for those who have innovated or excelled within their sales and promotion areas.

I’ll bet every time the President opens his mouth advocating gun control, he influences sale of several more truck loads of weapons and ammunition. Every time some nutcase uses a gun to commit a crime, politicians take note, more advocate gun control measures and more sales result. I’ll bet President Theodore Roosevelt, with his advocacy of hunting and shooting sports never sold even a small fraction of the guns Obama has sold with his thinly veiled schemes to get guns out of hands of Americans.

The trophy awarded to Obama should be an assault rifle. All the bells and whistles, laser sights, and super capacity magazines you can dream of. Best features about it should be the bore welded shut and magazines tack welded in place. After all, I’m not sure we could trust him with a real live loaded gun.

Assault rifles. Seems argument against them is that they have no legitimate purpose in the hands of hunters and recreational shooters. Conventional wisdom says only purpose for automatic or semiautomatic weapons with high capacity magazines is to shoot a bunch of folks fast…

My Unbased Opinion – May 22
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