My Unbased Opinion – March 27

By David Heishman –


March is road trash pickup month, garden planning month, big project planning month and Doghouse rest before busy times month. I’ve been working on all four.

I pick up trash along State Route 259 in front of Big House every year. From Cousin Richard DeRoberts’ boundary to Reymann Memorial farm, both sides of the highway, I get a couple big bags full. I try to get it done before The Reymann Memorial bull sale so my old place looks a bit better for their big day.

Most notable this year were Bud Light cans and bottles both sides of the road. Maybe a couple of Busch cans and several old bottles I must have missed past years. No wine bottles, only one liquor miniature. Plenty of Marlboro cigarette packs, big gulp cups, a couple of Mountain Dew cans and a pile of plastic water bottles.

Maybe folks who claim the deer herd is smaller know what they are talking about. I’ve seen fewer lately in my fields. Absent from this year’s road trash were smashed plastic automobile grille parts from deer collisions. There were, however two plastic cooler lids indicating unfastened coolers on backs of fast moving pickups. Maybe that’s where all the Bud Light came from.

Last year’s March big project planning centered around refurbishing Big House. New windows, fresh paint on siding and roofs, and a rebuilt bathroom resulted. My ego has enjoyed folks’ positive comments on visible improvements…

My Unbased Opinion – March 27
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