My Unbased Opinion – March 26

By David O. Heishman –

Early risers around Moorefield know I walk for a cup of McDonalds coffee three mornings each week except when weather prevents. Bad weather, I coffee ride instead. This winter I’ve been coffee riding instead of coffee walking.

Leg problems off and on for a couple of months. Swelling and just plain old fashioned discomfort below my knee, right leg. I blamed it on the nasty weather I let prevent my morning walks. Pain sort of came and went from day to day. Ibuprofen seemed to knock it back a notch or two. I made out with niggling notions to see a doctor and pointed directions from family members to “go get it checked.”

Folks who found out about my discomfort suggested deterioration of lower extremities related to my diabetes. Others suggested a blood clot. I, of course blamed it on muscle disuse.

A trip to Petersburg to the Veterans Clinic at Grant Memorial Hospital, a regularly scheduled visit for “labs”, blood work. I mentioned leg to the nurse who drew blood and I told her ibuprofen and heat seemed to help. She said call her next day if problem seemed to persist. It persisted, but I didn’t call. Figured I’d just wait until my regular appointment following week.

My Unbased Opinion – March 26
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