My Unbased Opinion – June 4

By David O. Heishman –

Best I can remember it was about six feet wide and eight feet long. A big open window in front beside a narrow door. Rough sawed lumber, a tar papered shed roof. Siding random width inch lumber, warped and bowed where nails had loosened, an open wall box in one corner, maybe for feed, maybe for nest, maybe for ?? Some old loose hay piled in the other back corner.

Building stood at foot of our barn hill, not far from a hand dug well. I remember when Walter “Horse Thief” Haberman cleaned that well out for Pap. Railroad had filled it when they built main line tracks over top of it on the way to railhead at Wardensville. Rail company drilled another well closer to big barn to replace the one they’d filled, but new well was never worth a darn.

A chicken house, same sort of construction as the little building, only considerably larger, stood nearby. I raised a flock in it for a 4-H project one year which turned out to be the year the local poultry market went bust. Around 1953, I think it was. I remember going with Pap when he sold my chickens at the local poultry market in the War Memorial Building.

In fact it was while I was hand carrying water from pitcher pump atop the well to those chickens that I saw the hawk. A Sparrow Hawk I think, he lay in the open nearby. Chickens watered and fed, I investigated. Alive and feisty, but crippled somehow or maybe sick. I gathered him up, lay him on the hay in little building, Mason jar lids of chicken feed and water near by and left to go to get ready for school. By evening he’d died

My Unbased Opinion – June 4
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