My Unbased Opinion – July 24

By David O. Heishman –

I got hearing aids last week. Ten years ago the Veterans Administration clinic in Petersburg sent me to Veteran’s Administration Medical Center in Martinsburg for a comprehensive hearing test. A couple of months ago they sent me back for another.

Results of those tests and extensive questioning about my practical hearing difficulties, led them to determined I was eligible for hearing aids. Another appointment got me measured and ear canal impressions taken. Last week’s appointment got me the aids.

Audiologist introduced me to my new plug-in hearing. “Keep them in your ears or the box they came in. Don’t drop them in your pocket where they can be broken or ruined or lay them on a surface where they can be knocked off and stepped on.” The box they came in is suitable for carrying in a lady’s large purse, not a blue jeans pocket. Guess I’m supposed to wear them.

“There are three instances when you shouldn’t wear your hearing aids. Don’t wear them when they might get wet.” That precludes working in my garden, swimming in Cacapon River, bathing in Moore’s Run at Doghouse, or walking in rain which I got caught out in, all of which I did over the weekend. Aids lived in their box on Big House kitchen table…

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