My Unbased Opinion – July 23

By David O. Heishman –

Eight or ten years ago I wrote a column about “Stuff.” Possessions. Things acquired over a lifetime. Acquired as gifts or for specific purposes. Purposes no longer relevant due to age or changing interests. Thoughts I wrote in that column came roaring back last week. It all started when I decided I needed a new recliner.

I sleep in a big old reclining chair in a room where Phoebe keeps her working computer, piles of printouts, notes, clippings, references. We call that room the library. Part of one end is mine, the rest hers. Most time I spend relaxing, reading, computing, thinking at home is spent in that chair.

It’s getting a bit worn and dilapidated. My recent bout with blood clots made getting into and out of it tougher. Pressure on its arms gaining leverage to lift myself out contributed to it’s imminent demise. Old recliner is now just plain rickety.

I shopped. Found a new recliner I like. Bigger than old one. Need to clear out my corner to make room. Need to vacuum and clean really well where old one sat so long.

My Unbased Opinion – July 23
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