My Unbased Opinion – July 2

By David O. Heishman –

It’s a small table. Top about a foot square piece of tongue and groove. Cut from a good sized piece of lumber, I’d think.

Three legs, crossed over, bunched about half way up, fastened together by simple nails, maybe four penny. Nailed braces too. Legs are peeled tree branches. I don’t know what species. I’ve never looked closely.

Whole table used to be light pink, but it’s sun faded now. Corners of the top are painted silver. Three short parallel silver stripes decorate each leg.

A Gypsy table. Pap bought it from a man maybe sixty years ago. Fresh built and decorated when he bought it. Pap said the man was a Gypsy. I didn’t know what that meant and I’m still not sure, but it seemed to mean a good bit to him.

I remember when folks lived in the old turnpike road bed opposite the entrance to Wardensville community dump on North Mountain. They came and went and I think didn’t show up every year. Pap claimed they were Gypsies. They’d come around, maybe work a bit for cash and they had things to sell. Sometimes women would come around to be sociable. Pap always told Mom not to bring them into the house and if they got in she needed to keep an eye on valuable possessions. When Gypsies moved in Pap took extra care to put tools away, not leave them lay out where they might be easily picked up.

My Unbased Opinion – July 2
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