My Unbased Opinion – January 29

By David O. Heishman –

Election 2016. Yup. I’m looking past Obama already. His Obamacare debacle incinerated much of his political support before he reached critical mass necessary to entirely destroy America.

That support is not blown up and gone. It’s merely become leavened with a light coat of skepticism. Never again will he make declarative statements about his policies and programs without some small questions of veracity entering listener’s thoughts. I think those small questions are sufficient to induce caution into congressional proceedings, especially where scalded Democrats are concerned.

In short, he had me worried for a while. His Pied Piper of Washington, Messiah on the Potomac act was sufficiently convincing to lead a large majority of American voters astray. Sure, he still has them, but now he’s introduced a note of skepticism. That should be enough to slow him down on legislation.

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor issued a wakeup call recently. Her disruption of Obamacare’s provisions for contraception served notice that even an Obama appointee to the US Supreme Court is watching.

More judicial action will be necessary to halt the flow of unilateral regulations promulgated by Obama’s bureaucratic flunkies. Hardy County’s own Lois Alt’s attack on Environmental Protection Agency overreach in regulating runoff from farming operations is exemplary of necessary judicial oversight.

OK. So what about 2016. Who do we have?

My Unbased Opinion – January 29
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