My Unbased Opinion – February 5

By David O. Heishman –

I want an education. Marijuana. I want to learn from folks who have had experience with both alcohol and marijuana.

Legal marijuana is coming. Several states have marijuana legal for medicinal use and in at least one, Colorado, it’s now legal for recreational use. You can bet every state is watching Colorado closely to see how they handle possible problems.

Taxes. Tax revenue will spread legalization of marijuana. $400 per ounce now, including taxes. Already black markets are springing up with prices nearer $150. Pricing schemes for good, better and best weed, based on potency comparable to beer, wine, and liquor are coming.

I have zero experience with marijuana. None. Nada. To the best of my knowledge I’ve never smoked, eaten, sniffed, or anything else marijuana. I’m sure I’ve smelled it, but I’m not sure I’d recognize any given odor as marijuana rather than whatever else somebody might smoke. Folks look at me like I’m a DUH when I tell them I’m clueless, but it’s true.

I’ve had plenty of experience with alcohol. Still a lot I don’t know about it and its effects, but I think I pretty well know when I’ve had too much. I want to compare my experiences with those who have felt the effects of marijuana.

I’m sure I would have blown some big number on a breathalyzer if I’d been stopped on my way to Doghouse last night. How about this morning? Is the alcohol largely gone from my blood stream this morning or does it linger as long as whatever hangover symptoms? If I blew 0.08 on a breathalyzer last night, how long does it stay at that level? If I’m checked after a dry week does alcohol still show up in my blood stream? When do all it’s effects on my mental activity dissipate and leave me as normal as I’ll ever be?

My Unbased Opinion – February 5
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