My Unbased Opinion – February 12

By David O. Heishman –

I rise in opposition to new parking restrictions near Hardy County Courthouse. New signs posted along South edge of Washington Street inform me No Parking. Violators will be towed. I contend this posting makes public access to Hardy County Courthouse much harder for no defensible reason.

Come, take a walk/ride with me. We’ll begin at corners of Clay Street and Washington Street which passes the court house. Width of pavement of Washington Street in that vicinity averages about thirty-three feet roughly measured between sidewalk curbs. Those measurements hold all the way down (West) to Rosemary Lane. Utility poles along this stretch are set at the curb, or street edge of concrete walks.

We’ll pause to observe those utility poles. I know from past experience, when I used to be a surveyor, that utility companies try to set poles where private rights meet public rights, that is, on the boundary of public right of ways. Step into the line of poles and look both East and West. Bottoms of those poles pretty well describe a straight line all the way from Clay to Elm Street.

Between Rosemary Lane and Elm Street there are no sidewalks on the South side of Washington. This stretch of Washington runs between several private homes plus the Hardy County Courthouse on the North side and private homes South side. Those new No Parking signs I mentioned are set pretty well in line with the utility poles along properties of last three homeowners before corner of Elm Street.

Distances along this stretch of Washington measured between sidewalk curbs on North side and utility poles South side average approximately thirty-three feet, roughly same as widths measured between Clay and Rosemary.

Between Elm Street and Main Street a surprise. Widths of pavement ran closer to thirty one feet, two feet narrower than width’s to East. This stretch, heavily used, with businesses both sides, supports two way traffic plus limited parking both sides.

My Unbased Opinion – February 12
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