My Unbased Opinion – December 18

By David O. Heishman –

OK now. I think I have this figured out. Global warming is only half global warming.

Up North. Down South. I’ve heard those all my life. Folks go up North for jobs and down South for retirement. All that is because down South it is warmer where old folks can bask in the sun and play shuffleboard all year around. Up North the climate is more temperate and you can actually do a day’s hard work without heat stroke or drowning in sweat.

Of course all this only works in the northern hemisphere. That is, North of the Equator. In the southern hemisphere it’s opposite. Colder areas are more southern and hotter climates are more northern. Down there folks go up North for warmer seasons.

It doesn’t take college physics or chemistry to teach us that heat rises. Hot air goes up chimneys. Steam rises off tea kettles. Pap always opened the Big House dining room door after supper in winter when he got too hot from the wood stove, to let some of the heat go upstairs to bedrooms.

On the other hand cold falls. We put things in cellars to keep them cool. The deeper we go into water the cooler it is. Refrigerators and freezers with bottom chest design are more energy efficient than top or side door freezers because cold doesn’t fall out of chests onto the floor when you open them.

OK. So North is up and South is down. Hot air rises and cold air falls. That must mean cold air is falling South and hot air is rising North.

My Unbased Opinion – December 18
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