My Unbased Opinion – August 6

By David O. Heishman –

A new day dawning. A cloudy morning, not much bright sun. I’m watching from a perfect observation post.

I’ve rediscovered Pap’s Porch. Big House’s master bedroom (Mom and Pap’s room) is above the kitchen. There’s a fair sized porch outside bedroom door.

Growing up, I never spent much time up there. Floor was a bit rickety as was the hand rail along two sides. Truth be told, I was always a little scared to fool around up there much. Besides, it was Pap’s Porch.

A while back, I decided old porch needed renovated. It happened in fits and starts. A new floor went in when I reset posts which supports the freestanding Northeast corner. New handrail went up on two open sides. Pressure treated two by fours with a couple coats of white paint on them. Top rail is just gun rest height when I’m seated in an old splint bottom kitchen chair.

View from Pap’s Porch includes all the river bottom land I own. Pasture now, it was crop land when Pap was a boy. While Pap lived, first sight he had of his farm every morning was from here, just outside his bedroom door. Beyond the tree line of Cacapon River, view rolls on to the horizon atop Great North Mountain. A perfect place to watch the sun come up, but Pap seldom did, because he was out and gone doing farm chores long before sun up most mornings.

My Unbased Opinion – August 6
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