My Unbased Opinion – August 21

I remember the days when Citizen’s Band (CB) radios were new. The rage. Everybody wanted one. Free communications. Jabber away on channel whatever and everybody on your channel within range was blessed with your gibberish.

Everybody had a “handle”, a name used on the air. Same idea as email addresses we use today. Cutesy stuff, distinctive. Only your friends or folks you talked to regularly knew who they were talking to. Most memorable handle I remember was a girl who was “Rubber Baby Buggy Bumper”, a laughable tongue twister.

First conversation I ever remember hearing was between two women. I was riding in a friend’s pickup out near Morgantown. He had a new CB he was just learning about. A twist of the dial and I heard a blaring female voice: “I’ll see ya down at the store soon as I get my warsh hung.”

Through all the recent hullabaloo about National Security Agency (NSA) eavesdropping, that incident comes to mind. Think of all that high powered equipment, computers with massive storage capability, all manner of antennas and receptors of which I have zero understanding, listening too, analyzing every scrap of spoken and written communication they can gather in America and the world. Think of the near infinite number of “warshings” and store visits they’ve heard about and recorded. It’s amazing to me that computer algorithms can sort all that hash to find word combinations indicative of possible conspiracies and plans detrimental to America’s safety and interests…

My Unbased Opinion – August 21
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