My Unbased Opinion – April 9

By David O. Heishman –

Reverand Elmer Ganskop, Pastor at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Wardensville was President. He lived in town, in the Lutheran parsonage. June Orndorff, a committee member lived in town too. Frances Frye lived a mile Northeast and Virginia Vance still lives on Furnace Road. Ray “Red” Funkhouser lived a couple of miles North of town on SR. 259. Charles Rudy lived on Reymann Memorial Farm’s “upper farm” on Warden Lake Road.

Folks listed above were part of the J. Allen Hawkins Community Park Committee, when I went to work for them in 1970. I was hired by and paid by the town, but my position was Park Manager and I took all directions from the park committee. As far as I know, the committee had their own account which covered everything except wages and salaries. Simply put, the Park Committee was independent of, but reported to the Town of Wardensville.

The park was bought by Town of Wardensville on July 7, 1965. Anyone can get a copy of the deed found in Deed Book 113, page 134 in Hardy County Courthouse. Next year our park will be fifty years old. Without significant fund raising now, there will be no celebration of that anniversary. There may not even be a swimming pool in operation.

There must have been a document naming the fifty plus acres J. Allen Hawkins Community Park after the Grantor, but I don’t remember seeing it. Common reference to “Wardensville Town Park”, though technically correct, does the park and it’s uses an injustice. There is not enough money public or private, in Town of Wardensville to support construction and maintenance necessary for a viable recreational facility of the park’s size. The community surrounding Wardensville must be included in order to generate support for facilities and raise necessary money. Wider the community addressed, the better.

My Unbased Opinion – April 9
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