My Unbased Opinion – April 23

By David O. Heishman –

I’ve written about “Ideas Inc.” several times in past years. It’s my “Bucket List” of things to do when I have opportunity or if a change in my life makes change in my occupation necessary. I never had reason to believe Phoebe might fire me, but there were days when newspaper business was not going well and a good solid offer might have won a business for someone else to manage.

I’ve thought about that list a lot lately. I’ve made changes in it over the years. Some additions, but mostly subtractions as I age and lose interest in projects I once thought might be fun and interesting. One thing every item had in common was profitability.

When my foundation list was begun, I still had a young and hungry family. I needed ideas which would keep food on the table and shoes on their feet. I thought doing things I enjoyed for money would be easiest to stick with. I leaned toward occupations I could begin by myself and grow into need for employees later depending upon success.

Recently I think of that list when my perusal of national news turns up stories about latest government thoughts on unemployment. Descriptions of how many folks have left the workforce, how many folks have been off work for how many months, and how many points employment numbers might rise under this newly proposed program, or that relaxing of regulations.

Small Business. A few moments ago I Googled “government definition of small business”. US Small Business Administration is designated keeper of all things relating to small businesses in the United States. Official definitions are promulgated by them. In most cases, if your business has less than 500 employees and annual revenues of less than several million dollars, you are considered Small Business.

What about small, small? What about business owner and less than fifty thousand dollars? Worse yet, what about business owner plus one or two employees and a hundred thousand dollars.

I’d like to see government help for “Micro Business”, smaller than current “Small Business.” Perhaps ten employees and less than five hundred thousand dollars might fit as caps. I’d like to see programs designed to help micro businesses begin and succeed.

My Unbased Opinion – April 23
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