My Unbased Opinion – April 16

By David O. Heishman –

I’m thinking about trying to talk Phoebe into letting me run the first ever Moorefield Examiner Special Selection (MESS). Unprecedented, I believe, or at least I’ve never heard of such a thing. Whole idea is to find good candidates for public offices in Hardy County.

I’ve often thought biggest problem with local elections is finding good candidates. Official elections as we know them offer choices from among folks who want to run our show for whatever reason. Reasons I can think of include monetary salaries and benefits, big egos, and genuine desire to do a better job through alternative management.

Good office holders have a healthy mix of all three reasons. Voters recognize those conditions and elect or reject based upon their perception of balance between them.

If a candidate has a “good old boy” reputation but desires easy money without much care for studying problems and finding solutions to them, his voting neighbors will be aware of it and he’ll fail. Likewise, big egos driven by desire for power and glory spending tax dollars for glorious new projects will fail voters tests for solid administration and reasonable change.

However, it takes ego to stand before the public and ask for their trust and votes. It takes desire for reasonable compensation to influence a candidate’s decision to risk changing occupations from private to public service. It takes both these qualities to drive a prospective candidate’s desire to change the status quo and lead constituents into the future. Sometimes the inclination to run is present, but an added push from the public is necessary to tip the balance in public’s favor.

My Unbased Opinion – April 16
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