My Unbased Opinion

By David O. Heishman –

Ok. So, what happened to tomatoes this year? I don’t think I’ve talked to anyone who seemed proud of their crop. Tomatoes are my biggest reason for gardening, I’ve had darn few really fit to eat this year and I’m perturbed about it.

Scrawny little old things, for most part. Slow to ripen. Big stem cores in some and stems eaten or rotted clear out of others. I’ve picked one tomato from my garden big enough for a sandwich slice and it had a blemish/worm hole. I whacked my share off the top and left rest for the worm.

Fourteen plants altogether. Four varieties. Red/orange, yellow/gold and three plants I’m not sure of because they haven’t produced a ripe fruit yet.

I tend to experiment in gardening. This year I thought my mulch had done the dirty deed. First time I ever planted through holes cut in fabric they sell now. Kept weeds under it, let water through. I figured tomatoes growing out on fine mesh would be more blemish free. A bumper crop of beautiful colorful “love apples” was my dream. Not! Weeds grew under the fabric, pushed it up so plants slid off, tomatoes finished out on soil and didn’t amount to anything.

Pap always grew tomatoes out on the ground. I never saw a pole or twine or cage in his patch. His crops weren’t State Fair beautiful, but we always had plenty. Picking was a chore, bent double digging among matted vines. Many days I picked several four gallon foot tubs full while Mom had her canning operation set up and running.

My Unbased Opinion
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