My Unbased Opinion

By David O. Heishman –

It rained “right smart” last night. No heavy hard rain, but it lasted a “good while”. Several hours at least. Never woke me enough to glance at Doghouse’s clock. Just a mental recognition that the roof was ringing lightly over head as opposed to creek gurgling lightly beside the deck.

Must have been lightning, because I heard thunder. Neither sight or sound was heavy so most strikes must have been pretty far away. Don’t ask me how far, because if I don’t see lightning I can’t count seconds until thunder roars.

No idea how much rain fell. It was enough to raise creek about an inch. This evening (Sunday) four o’clock, high water mark on my bath rock was about an inch higher than yesterday evening same time when I sat on it to take a bath. Water was cool, not cold and hard to dip up a bucket full because water level was so low.

I like night rain better than day time showers. Daytime rain slows up or keeps me from working outside. If I sit in doing little or nothing I get the lazy guilts. No guilt with night rain because not much else to do besides sleep anyway.

Brief moments I was awake last night, thoughts of rain on the farm passed through my mind. Most of those memories included Pap. He had a farmer’s love of rain when it was needed and distain for rain when it was too much.

His “Gully Washer” was a rain like last night’s except generally harder. A gully washer dumped enough water to collect and run off whether it filled and flooded streams or not.

My Unbased Opinion
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