My Unbased Opinion – June 18

By David O. Heishman –

Recent defeat of Eric Cantor, a Republican, Majority Leader in the U.S. House of Representatives from Virginia by David Brat, an economics professor in Virginia’s Republican primary election is noteworthy. In 7th District lying North and West of Richmond Mr. Brat won with 55.5% of 65,000 votes, just 7,212 more votes than Mr. Cantor received. Those 7,212 voters in one voting district, in one state, forced major changes in leadership in American government.

I think Mr. Cantor became “Big Man On Campus” in America following his personal dreams which were no longer same dreams as his constituents. Had he spent more time at home listening to folks who elected him and represented their interests directly, he’d likely still be in office. Instead, he was out and about the country gathering money and votes for candidates in other elections, garnering their support for great legislative moves he’ll now never make.

Yes, votes count. 7th District had 47,000 voters in 2012 but nearly a third more in 2014. Folks wanted a change, they had an alternative candidate available, they went to the polls and elected him.

Mr Brat raised one hundred thousand dollars during his entire campaign. Mr. Cantor spent over one million dollars in the final month. Mr. Brat pointed to the difference as proof that dollars don’t vote. Voters do. Mr. Cantor relied on expensive advertising to influence his constituents while Mr. Brat relied upon inexpensive personal contacts, meeting, greeting, listening and speaking.


Middle East. Wild and wooly Islamist acronym groups are overrunning Iraq. I have a couple of thoughts on that subject.

My Unbased Opinion – June 18
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