My Unbased Opinion – January 22

By David O. Heishman –

Did you ever wake up in the morning half blinded because your night cap was turned around on your head? I have, more than once.

I’m talking about soft bonnets made of old cloth diapers or maybe flannel sheets with ties under your chin. When we were kids Mom used to tie them on us on real cold nights. The kind of nights when a glass of water beside my bed would freeze and break.. I learned to check the floor for shards before I swung out of bed in the morning.

No heat in Big House bedrooms. Only warmth came up through floors from kitchen and dining room below. Pap built up wood fires evenings so he could open the dining room door and let heat go upstairs before bed time. It helped, early, but then door always closed for the night and we were on our own.

Sis had it worse than I did. She did have a small ornate stove in her room, but it wasn’t real substantial and Pap worried about fire escaping it and burning Big House down. I only remember him firing it a few times when temperatures were cold enough to make snow crackle when he came in from late lamb check at the barn.

Sis did get relief at Christmas. Big living room stove below her bedroom burned almost continuously then. Older, she lived away a lot, but was always home for holidays and I envied her the extra heat.

A true nest under a pile of blankets. Roll over or stretch out so body parts were out of my warm nest hole and cold bedding woke me fast. Sometimes when nest became too warm, I’d shove a leg out of it just to cool off.

My Unbased Opinion – January 22
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