Lesson to be Learned

Late in August Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin addressed the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce at its 77th annual meeting. We received a copy of the governor’s speech and several of his comments need to be both read and learned by the anti-business contingent in the federal government.

Tomblin said the following:

“Our mission in state government is not to create jobs. Our mission is to create a business climate in this state that will encourage the private sector to create jobs.”

Go back and read that again. Then would someone please explain to Obama and the Liberal-Left in words that can be understood why this is important. It should be a mantra for all state governments and as well as for the federal government.

Then there’s another aspect of the government going where it shouldn’t.

If government keeps paying people who do not work when they are perfectly capable of working, then those people won’t make an effort to find work.

If unemployment benefits are greater than the minimum wage that small businesses can afford, then those on unemployment won’t try to find work.

If potential workers not trained for any more than entry level jobs get more from unemployment, then they won’t make an effort to learn anything better.

Lesson to be Learned
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