Heritage Weekend

Once again Hardy County welcomes visitors to the unique and history-laden place in which we live. Having been settled since the 18th Century, our ancestors survived wars with the Indians, the British and each other. They survived droughts and floods. These conflicts helped form the foundation for our beliefs, our homes, our ability to survive and our way of life.

Today, over 250 years later, there are structures still standing which have been dated to the 1770s. The locations of forts and battles are documented. Old homes have hidey holes in which the family valuables were stored when the Yankees paid a visit. And there are many stories about ancestors who left a legacy of hard work, humor and the ability to come back from adversity.

The people of Hardy County also have a history of supporting causes and projects which make life a little more bearable. In the 1920s the fledgling Moorefield Women’s Club began a circulating library located in the home of Mrs. M. M. Harwood. When that was outgrown, the library was moved to the second floor of the McCoy Theater building until growth again required a move to larger quarters.

A lot was purchased and a building constructed on the site of Miss Mamie Alexander’s store and photography studio. This was West Virginia’s first small town public library building and was completed in 1952. There was still the matter of paying off the debt which today doesn’t seem like a lot, but then was great at $12,000. In the fall of 1953, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Pryce-Jones offered to open Mill Island to the public charging fifty cents with all proceeds going toward the library debt. They raised $100 and this was the beginning of what has become Heritage Weekend.

In 1954 the first House and Garden Tour was held in Moorefield in June. It continued until 1960 when the debt was paid in full. During the last two years the Tour had been moved to September…

Heritage Weekend
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