Council To Address Unsafe Parking

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By Jean A. Flanagan
Moorefield Examiner –

Cars park in such a way that delivery trucks must stop, block traffic and unload from the street. Some cars are parked on the adjacent railroad tracks. Moorefield Police Chief Steve Reckart has been dealing with parking issues at the intersection of South Fork Road and Winchester Avenue for years.

“State code says there should be no parking within 50 feet of the last rail,” Reckart told the Moorefield Council. “I’m asking the council to make a ‘No Parking’ zone at 50 feet from the last rail.”

The Moorefield Council met on Tuesday, Dec. 3.

Reckart said he talked with the District Engineer with the West Virginia Division of Highways and a representative of the West Virginia Railroad Authority and they both agreed.

“Then I called Mrs. Malcolm and she agreed it was dangerous,” Reckart said. The parking problems are the result of customers parking at Malcolm’s Grocery.

“I think we should have a no parking zone at every railroad crossing,” said Councilwoman Carol Zuber.

“Now that we know what the code is, if someone gets hit, we are liable,” Councilman Doug Mongold said.

The council voted to mark the curbs, where appropriate, and install signage indicating no parking allowed within 50 feet of a railroad track at all railroad intersections in town.

Reckart proudly showed the council the AAA Platinum Award for Community Safety. The purpose of the awards is to encourage communities to address local traffic safety issues in a coordinated and cost-effective way. Cities and towns of all sizes are eligible to participate in the program. They must participate in the Safe Routes to School program, compile traffic statistics regarding safety projects and enforcement.

The Moorefield Police Department has been recognized at every level of participation including Bronze, Silver and Gold.

“I want to thank the council for their support,” Reckart said. “This is the best police agency I’ve ever worked with.”

Reckart said the statistic of which he was most proud was in 2012, there were only six injuries because of car crashes. “We’re enforcing the speed limit and slowing people down,” he said.

Council To Address Unsafe Parking
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