Commission Gives Funds for Pools, Child Care Center, Hesitates on Fire Dept.


By Jean A. Flanagan
Moorefield Examiner –

The Hardy County Commission voted to give $10,000 each to the towns of Wardensville and Moorefield for the operation and maintenance of their municipal swimming pools.

“There’s not a pool in the history of the world that has made money,” Commissioner A. J. Wade said. 

Representatives from the town of Wardensville have repeatedly requested financial help for their aging pool. The commission has given Wardensville $10,000 each year for the past three years.

The town of Moorefield only recently sent a letter to the commission requesting assistance. 

“The pool is showing its age and is starting to leak,” the letter said. “We have lost money for the past several years, last year $39,000.”

“They keep kids off the streets,” Commission President J. Michael Teets said about swimming pools.

“They need to look at the usage at both pools, and whether the community is supporting them,” Commissioner William “JR” Keplinger said.

“I know people use both pools who live in the county,” Wade said.

The commission also approved a request from the Hardy County Child Care Center for funding for computers. The request said the center needs 10 computers and the cost is $450 – $550 each. 

The center held a fundraiser and was able to purchase two of the 10 computers. 

The commission voted to give the center $4,000. “They very seldom ask for anything and they provide a good service to the community,” Teets said.

The commission was less than accommodating with a request from the Moorefield Volunteer Fire Department, who requested $3,500 to rebuild a pump on their fire truck. A financial statement accompanied the request. 

“Last year we gave them $54,000,” Teets said.

“And then, we gave them $25,399 for their Workers Comp,” Keplinger said.

“This is above and beyond their allocation,” said County Clerk Gregg Ely.

After reviewing the financial statement, Keplinger remarked that it did not include the $54,000 the MVFD received from the commission.

“They show $182,000 in receipts and $173,000 disbursed, but it doesn’t show the $54,000,” Teets verified.

“They need to correct that,” Keplinger said.

Commission Gives Funds for Pools, Child Care Center, Hesitates on Fire Dept.
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