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Election Notes

Voters typically don’t turn out in droves in non-presidential election years, and participation is even lower in primaries. In the 2010 midterm primary, only 24 percent of registered voters cast ballots. The 2012 presidential primary year produced a 28 percent […]

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My Unbased Opinion – June 4

By David O. Heishman – Best I can remember it was about six feet wide and eight feet long. A big open window in front beside a narrow

Be Prepared

Hurricane season in the North Atlantic arrived June 1 and will last through November 30. Two of the biggest and most damaging floods to hit our part of

My Unbased Opinion – May 28

By David O. Heishman – Why does the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) need .40 cal. S&W submachine guns with thirty round magazines? We’re not talking “bad”

To the Graduates

This weekend you will step across the threshhold to a whole new experience. You and your classmates are getting jobs, going on to school, getting married or going

My Unbased Opinion – May 21

By David O. Heishman – Peewee Spring. North out of Wardensville on State Route 259 about three miles. North foot of Crest Hill. There is a small red brick

Remember Them

May 26th is Memorial Day this year. It’s a day to fly Flags, to visit our dear departed and to place flowers on their graves. But more

My Unbased Opinion – May 14

By David O. Heishman – Have you ever started a small business? Have you ever taken over a small business somebody else began and then stopped for whatever

Officials Keep Doing Bad Stuff

More than a year ago we started listing public officials and law enforcement officers around the state who crossed the line with their actions and have been caught

My Unbased Opinion – May 7

By David O. Heishman – April 9th, 2014. I wrote a column about J. Allen Hawkins Community Park and it’s swimming pool. April 23rd, 2014 our Managing

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