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My Unbased Opinion – August 6

By David O. Heishman – A new day dawning. A cloudy morning, not much bright sun. I’m watching from a perfect observation post. I’ve rediscovered Pap’s Porch. Big House’s master bedroom (Mom and Pap’s room) is above the kitchen. There’s […]

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Relay for Life

Hundreds of people will gather at the Moorefield Town Park this Saturday, Aug. 9, to continue the fight against Cancer. This disease has affected nearly every family you know,

My Unbased Opinion

By David O. Heishman – It rained “right smart” last night. No heavy hard rain, but it lasted a “good while”. Several hours at least. Never woke me

From other editors’ desks … The Cautionary Tale of Coldwater Creek

For nearly 15 years, Idaho-based clothing retailer Coldwater Creek has operated a giant distribution center near Parkersburg. Unfortunately, the company has filed for bankruptcy and the distribution center

My Unbased Opinion – July 23

By David O. Heishman – Eight or ten years ago I wrote a column about “Stuff.” Possessions. Things acquired over a lifetime. Acquired as gifts or for

Poultry Impacts Us

The poultry industry continues to have a major impact on the economy of Hardy County, the South Branch Valley and the state of West Virginia. We would

My Unbased Opinion – July 16

By David O. Heishman – Squash galore. Bunches of it. Yellow Crookneck, Golden Zucchini, Dark Zucchini. Big plants. Gotta fight my way down through high leaves to see base

Bad People Keep on Doing Bad Things

This is the sixth editorial giving a list of happenings around West Virginia involving illegal, immoral, and ethically wrong activities by elected officials, law enforcement and public employees.

My Unbased Opinion – July 9

By David O. Heishman – Ten o’clock Sunday evening, Forth of July weekend. No column written and I need one by eight o’clock tomorrow morning. Too old to

At a Snail’s Pace

Again our friends in the Far Panhandle have come out in support of Corridor H. In May, the Martinsburg Journal wrote the following in response to President Obama

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