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My Unbased Opinion

By David O. Heishman – Personal Veteran’s Day thoughts. I’m glad I served. I volunteered for the US Army through Reserve Officer’s Training Corps (ROTC) before Vietnam. By the time I graduated from college, Vietnam was in full swing and […]

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A Veteran Says Thanks

A couple of years ago, Major Hannah Heishman, of this newspaper family, wrote an editorial for Veterans Day. We aren’t going to reprint all of it this

My Unbased Opinion – October 29

By David O. Heishman – Twenty Years. First Unbased Opinion was written for November 2nd, 1994 issue. I wrote in favor of a bond issue to finance construction

Put Up or Shut Up

The General Election is next Tuesday. If you are registered to vote and haven’t taken advantage of voting early at the Court House, you still have

My Unbased Opinion – October 22

By David Heishman – Left hand doesn’t want to work today. No fist. Half closed. I can see clear through fist from thumb to pinky

You Can’t Fix Stupid

If you are an elected official, do you want to know how to get the wrong kind of attention of the citizens who elect you? A town

My Unbased Opinion – October 15

By David O. Heishman – Home field advantage. I used to think about it a lot when my kids were in high school. It’s a big

Voting Calendar Confusion

We wanted to tell our readers about early voting, absentee voting and also remind them to vote. There was a problem, which we’ll get to. The state code says

My Unbased Opinion – October 8

By David O. Heishman – One of Mom’s two favorite Fall trees turned last week. Almost dead square in front of Big House, a maple. Bright

Register and Vote!

Just in case you haven’t watched television, read newspapers, checked you computer or talked with your neighbors recently you might not know we have an election next month. On

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