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Live Web Cameras Deliver Nature and More

(Guest Editorial) CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Many West Virginians enjoy exploring the hidden beauty of nature or examining more urban settings through their home computers and other devices. What we could barely imagine 20 years ago has become commonplace today as the result of the Worldwide Web and […]

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My Unbased Opinion – June 11

By David O. Heishman – I wish I knew more about money and banking and America’s financial system. I’ve read and studied about stock markets since mid 2008

Election Notes

Voters typically don’t turn out in droves in non-presidential election years, and participation is even lower in primaries. In the 2010 midterm primary, only 24 percent of registered

My Unbased Opinion – June 4

By David O. Heishman – Best I can remember it was about six feet wide and eight feet long. A big open window in front beside a narrow

Be Prepared

Hurricane season in the North Atlantic arrived June 1 and will last through November 30. Two of the biggest and most damaging floods to hit our part of

My Unbased Opinion – May 28

By David O. Heishman – Why does the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) need .40 cal. S&W submachine guns with thirty round magazines? We’re not talking “bad”

To the Graduates

This weekend you will step across the threshhold to a whole new experience. You and your classmates are getting jobs, going on to school, getting married or going

My Unbased Opinion – May 21

By David O. Heishman – Peewee Spring. North out of Wardensville on State Route 259 about three miles. North foot of Crest Hill. There is a small red brick

Remember Them

May 26th is Memorial Day this year. It’s a day to fly Flags, to visit our dear departed and to place flowers on their graves. But more

My Unbased Opinion – May 14

By David O. Heishman – Have you ever started a small business? Have you ever taken over a small business somebody else began and then stopped for whatever

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