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My Unbased Opinion – September 10

By David O. Heishman – Wishing my life away. I caught myself doing it again. Driven by desire for change, I wanted an instant jump into the future. A lowering sky. Cloudy enough to drop heat levels a bit. A […]

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The RDA Strikes Again

When we read Steve West’s recent letter to his committee and the community we couldn’t help but wonder where in the world the Rural Development Authority has been

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My Unbased Opinion – September 3

By David O. Heishman – Whoopsie daisy. Thursday afternoon and I need a column by tomorrow morning so the Examiner staff can take Labor Day off to play.

Water, Farmers, Food and the Rest of Us

Two years ago we made some notes about Ohio officials wanting farmers to reduce algae in Lake Erie. Ohio put out recommendations aimed at cutting pollutants that

My Unbased Opinion

By David O. Heishman – Ok. So, what happened to tomatoes this year? I don’t think I’ve talked to anyone who seemed proud of their crop. Tomatoes are

Only a Century

Hardy County may be the only West Virginia county with the distinction of having 4 standing court houses. The oldest is a log structure (now covered with siding)

My Unbased Opinion – August 13

By David O. Heishman – Howling and yowling, weeping and wailing, gnashing of teeth. Fussing and cussing, pushing and shoving, gaming and blaming. WOW! Is this year ever

Take Note

Recent news events have many Americans looking to the Middle East with concern. The situation involves our long time friends in Israel and those who hate America, the

My Unbased Opinion – August 6

By David O. Heishman – A new day dawning. A cloudy morning, not much bright sun. I’m watching from a perfect observation post. I’ve rediscovered Pap’s Porch. Big House’s

Relay for Life

Hundreds of people will gather at the Moorefield Town Park this Saturday, Aug. 9, to continue the fight against Cancer. This disease has affected nearly every family you know,

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