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Hurricane season in the North Atlantic arrived June 1 and will last through November 30. Two of the biggest and most damaging floods to hit our part of the world were at either end of the potential season, so we know not to ignore the five-month possibility of a hurricane causing damage.

The 1949 flood hit in June and the 1985 flood hit in November. The Weather Bureau didn’t begin naming hurricanes until 1950 so the storm causing the 1949 flood was unnamed. In 1985 the hurricane causing that event was named Juan. There have been other flood events caused by hurricanes, but for our area none as great as the two mentioned.

As a result, many people who live here in the mid-Atlantic are aware of hurricane flooding and respect what damage they can cause.

The Weather Channel has predicted 11 named storms including 5 hurricanes, two of which are predicted to attain major status this year. That’s a bit below the long-term average. But, since the weather folks still don’t know what mother nature will do, the main point is that there are preparations we all should take . . . just in case.

There’s all sorts of information on the internet about disaster preparation. If you want to pay the price you can purchase pre-packaged survival kits, but you can also build your own with a lot of things you already have on hand.

Be Prepared
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