A World Gone Crazy?

A school in California demanded that students turn their shirts inside-out so that their American flag images were not visible on Cinco de Mayo. The court ruled that free speech rights of the students were not violated and justified their decision saying safety concerns outweighed the students’ First Amendment rights.

Two comments in the article seen on reason.com struck us as fitting for inclusion in this editorial:
“…Somehow, we’ve reached the point that students can’t safely display the American flag in an American school, because of a fear that other students will attack them for it — and the school feels unable to prevent such attacks (by punishing the threateners and the attackers, and by teaching students tolerance for other students’ speech). Something is badly wrong, whether such an incident happens on May 5 or any other day.

“…this is especially so because behavior that gets rewarded gets repeated. The school taught its students a simple lesson: If you dislike speech and want it suppressed, then you can get what you want by threatening violence against the speakers. The school will cave in, the speakers will be shut up, and you and your ideology will win. When thuggery pays, the result is more thuggery. Is that the education we want our students to be getting?”

We think not.


In New Jersey a teenager was suing her parents for financial support and college tuition. Her parents say she left home because she didn’t want to obey their rules. She says her parents forced her out, that she had to leave because of emotional and psychological mistreatment. An investigation by Child Protection determined her allegation were unfounded.

It all started when the girl was suspended from school for truancy. Her parents took away car and phone privileges and told her she couldn’t see her boyfriend who was also suspended. The 18-year old then decided to leave home, moved in with her boyfriend, and then moved to the home of a friend whose parents are now financing her lawsuit.

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