A New Year

2014 is starting out with a lot of interesting issues and activities.

The new 4.7 mile segment of Appalachian Corridor H opened just before Thanksgiving. It now gives us 4 lanes from Wardensville to the top of Allegheny Front. There are rumbles from Virginia that they have finally figured out that the road from North Mountain to I-66 will help bring trucks of goods out of West Virginia to the Inland Port at Front Royal. At least that connector segment is being discussed.

Another segment – 16 miles in Grant and Tucker – is to open this fall. That will leave only the section from Tucker into Randolph County to complete Corridor H from Weston to Wardensville. Then there is only the section in the east from Wardensville to to the top of North Mountain to totally complete West Virginia’s Corridor H. It’s been on the books since 1965.

Think about that. It’s already taken 49 years to get this far, mostly due to political maneuvering delays and anti-road folks. It has cost countless more millions than had it been built in the original timeframe.
Maybe 2014 will be the Year of the Road.

We’re in a political year in more ways than one. County Commissioners Teets and Keplinger are facing possible removal from office. If that happens it will leave one member of the commission and he’s not running for reelection. With all this as the possibility we could have a totally new county commission next year with no experience. Maybe that’s what we need. New ideas. New faces. No agendas except to do what is best for Hardy County.

On the national scene, if both parties in Washington keep acting like idiots, the same thing could happen. Now that would be interesting although not very probable!

Could this be the Year of Improbable Politics?


A New Year
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